The New Beginning

It’s been long time to-not-post something on my blog.

Dulu, not so old story juga sih. I wrote a novel. It had about 400 more pages. And the editor said that I had to cutting some scenes. It was hard, because I thought everything could be that important so I wrote it down in my novel. Lol. Selfish and narcissistic. Because I loved everything that I wrote in it. Haha

Shortly, before it’s published, I stoped struggling on my novel on the level just-do what-your-editor-says for an important and cool reason in the end of 2010. Honestly, it based of fake-reality story (50:50). So I left it behind.

Well, since the last year, I started the new chapter of my life and I’ll write down my own novel ala-ala about the three of us as the main figures, Me as Ibu O, A as Ayah O and Hum aka. Baby O. Three figures and still counting.

Better to late than never.
Actually, better never late.



This Is Us


Organizing My Life


One the hardest and easiest thing in this world at the same time is organizing my life, specificly my time. Being mom is a beautiful thing offcourse and I’ll deny to exchange with something else. Haha…

And also being a teacher is a precious thing that I do. They fit in me. In fact, I always find not easy to organizing time. Seriously. Lyk I made plans on planner book, even on planner app in my smart phone. Continue reading

Hum at 10 m.o

Hi Hum.

Look at you, big girl! You are already 10 months, 76 cm lenght, 10.2 kgs weight. Such A big girl.

Dan aku baru sekarang posting di sini tentangmu?


Alhamdulillah semuanya berjalan dengan baik-baik saja. Kamu berkembang dengan baik, sangat baik. Masya Allah.

Kamu juga sudah bisa Memanggilku “eebuuu” “mbuuu” “buuuu” sejak beberapa hari belakangan ini.

Mengingat kata yang pertama dan sering kamu ucapkan adalah “tetteehhh”, ibu sangat tersanjung kamu sudah bisa manggil ibu. Aku malah mengira kamu akan memanggilku “mama” terlebih dahulu.

Next time insya Allah I Will Add The rest about your growth. Xoxo