Fancy Greeting Card: Happy Wedding Day Bouquet

Happy Wedding Day Bouquet

Happy Wedding Day Bouquet

It was really injury time when I made this bouquet a day before “D day”. I would give a the unique fancy greeting card for my bestfriend who married on 3rd March 2013. It’s so typical me, that I don’t buy a greeting card for the special person (except I am in a hard pinch). I always love to make my own greeting card.

What I need:

  1. Vase (Unfortunatelly I live in smalltown, I didn’t find the vase I planned about. So I replaced the vase with a transparan cup). Hey is it still cute, right? It costed about Rp.5000.
  2. Small wire (for the flower stems). I bought it at “building supply store”, it costed 4000 rupiah per 1/4kg (about 20m lenght).
  3. Felts, with the variety of colors. (I needed green felt for sure). It costed Rp.1.500/30x30cm
  4. Sequins and pearls.
  5. Yarns.
  6. Floral Foam, a green one for fresh arrangements. Finally I used it because I thought small-paper stars were  not good idea, I had no time to crafting so many paper star in one night. So I replaced the paper stars with the floral foam. I found it was better, much much better. It costed Rp.5.000/brick (about 10x10x25cm).
  7. Colorful alumunium wires. It costed Rp.1.000/m.

    colorful alumunium wires

    colorful alumunium wires

  8. Colorful paper stars for decoration.

How To:


Measure the vase you are using for the arrangement and cut the floral foam to fit inside the container but to stick out of the top of the container about 1 inch. Having 1 inch over the top allows you to insert flowers at angles besides just straight up. Cut the floral foam with a serrated kitchen knife, hacksaw, floral knife or cutter. Stick the floral foam enough to make it stand as upright and tall as you want. Then…fill the base side of the vase with paper stars, then put the floral foam in.

Flower Vase

Flower Vase


Unfortunatelly i didn’t took any photograp from the flowers tutorial. It’s kinda hard to explain. Hope this pic below could give you ideas how to make the felt flower (card). Or even you can make it much beatiful than mine 🙂


Backside bouquet

Backside bouquet


My Sketch

Happy Wedding Day Bucket1j





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