My DIY Green Juice :9

green juice01

Feel much much better since I stopped drinking coffee. I was caffeine freak for several years, the reason why I should drink coffee that coffee would help myself stay awake and finish the project. At the time, it seemed to help. THE FACT: IT WAS CAMOUFLAGE! and actually it is…

So here I am.

Finally I’m  already thankful for a coffee-free life.  The coffee might just aggravate a deeper issue, but regardless, coffee doesn’t seem to be worth it for me. So I’ll continue to stay coffee free and perhaps replace some of the coffee with sugar free green juice/vegetable juice/fruit juice.

As ex-Coffee Drinker, sometimes I miss is the taste of coffee, sometimes I miss it’s aroma, sometimes I miss to see the color of macchiato or espresso. So far, I can handle it well. When I think about coffee, I straight to make Sugar-Free-Juice.

On Tuesday morning, I was still in Bandung, my Aunt and I went to Kiara Condong traditional market. I was really happy and super enjoy to shop at Kircon market, why? Because 1 kg Broccoli costs only Rp.10.000, in Cirebon it’s Rp.26.000/kg. So I bought broccoli and took it with me back to Cirebon. Lol.

And today I had my DIY GREEN JUICE.

I need:

  • Cucumber
  • Dates
  • Lime
  • Cabbage
  • Brocolli
  • Carrot

And then….juice it!!!

26042013778 vegeato

This is my DIY Green Juice color from the top. Look at the foam, it looks like macchiato, rite? haha

What about you? Do you drink coffee and would you be able to give it up?

green juice02

I always fall in love with their color, sooo lovely :*

Key 🙂


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