Dear My Lovely Journal, I am Back

Hallo, You didn’t think that I quit blogging, did you?

You guys must have noticed that I was gone for almost a century so I didn’t post something on my blog.  I know that you don’t care with my absence at all, because it’s none of your business anyway. And now I am back to keep my blog alive.

So why did I take this break?

My extra activities are almost freaking me out (literally)
JFYI. I was trying to post at least once a week, but… as you know that sometimes it’s not always work, right? Lol… Plan is always be plan even I have been so passionate about writing my thought on this blog. Everybody has priority, so do I. Therefore I prioritized my time, and some stuffs that I have focus on: worked all day, helped out my family (especially my sister who’s pregnant, I’m so thrilled to be expecting her baby this June), working out with extra time and so many things that I have to fix. They made me feel like… “God, I need more times! 24 hours a day is not enough. I need like at least 2 hours more to sleep”. As you know, it never happen. All I have to do is make everything on the right track, because I can’t let my daily schedule being messed.

I was in the situation, when I wrote an article and suddenly the netbook went off. It felt like I wanted to eat my own netbook. Really, it happened to me several times. That made me being upset to write another article. I hate to re-write the articles I wrote. It ruins my good mood.

But now, Thank God that everything goes normal and well, my mood is good. The provider is also good. Hopefully that I can post the good articles. Aamiin 🙂

-Keyla in a good mood-


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