I’m Into Jogging

i love jogging 2008

I got finally back into the habit of jogging 5 times a week since 2 weeks ago, after almost 3 years break. The last time I jogged in 2010, since ‘hijrah’ I never jogged. I thought it was so funny if I jog around with my Abaya and large hijab.

Why I Love Jogging?

  1. The most obvious of all, I wanna to stay ‘young’, strong and keep a healthy body. If I move my body then I feel like an old woman, or I feel like my legs and my body are getting shaky, or I can’t walk long distance, or I kinda hard to catch my breath anymore. I better start working out: go jogging!
  2. During my jogging time, I always think and plan about what to do in the next time, next day, next week, whatever! Jogging time means also contemplation time for me.
  3. Jogging is “Me Time”. I always feel happy during and after jogging sesion. I feel beauty when I’m sweating by working out, and when I see my face in the mirror I can see a happiest person in the world. Lol, this is lil bit lebay J. Jogging helps clear my mind. Like I told before, I always feel great after jogging.
  4. Jogging is sort of like running toward my goal. I always set my goal, for example: yesterday I jogged 20 minutes, today I’ll jog 25 minutes and tomorrow I’ll jog 30 minutes. I would like to boost that up to 1 hour someday.
  5. I never let my running shoes in the cupboard. I spent not cheap for pair of running shoes, it’s a really lavish if I don’t use them.
  6. Jogging makes me feel better if I (have) to eat a lot, yup… I love food: Indonesian, Asian, Italian, Mexican, India all halal food.

There are Do’s and Don’ts during jogging. Here they are:

  1. Do Warm Up! Your performance will be much better if you do warm up before jogging. Start out slowly and build up speed as you go and you can. Trust me! You will be able to run faster and faster for longer period of time.
  2. Don’t Run If You’re Dehydrated! It’s simple reason: SUICIDE.
  3. Do Set a Goal! Now I’m really really glad that I can jog at home 5 times a week. And I plan to do it 2 times a day in the future (maybe next month) as long as my body is ready to do it. It’s just example, you can set your goal by how many laps that you’ll go through.
  4. Do Proper Running Shoes and Jogging Stufs. Get a good pair of running shoes because they help prevent back issue, support your feet and of course a good pair of  running shoes can make you feel comfort during jogging session. Don’t forget to wear a Sport Bra (Ladies…)
  5. Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard! Pushing yourself too far and too hard wouldn’t be good. It’s better to push yourself little by little, and you have to know your limit.
  6. Do Stretch Afterward! Make sure that you cool down afterward: walk a few laps then stretch your legs and muscle while you catch your breath.
  7. Don’t take a long break! It’ll make you lazy. Trust me. So don’t you ever take a break more than two or three times. Just make as routine! Simple 🙂

Hope this article would be useful for you 🙂

Keep healthy and keep happy.


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