DIY: Monthly Calender.

One of important things in the scrapbook is a blank monthly calender.

I use blank monthly calender for many things including to write down stories, keep track of the date, put the pictures on keep track of the year, remind of upcoming events, etc. Sure, you need mothly calender when you have baby scrapbook to write down the baby’s progress and growth

I usually create a blank monthly calender at the end of the month for the month ahead. Frankly, I treat myself to a new journal each month. This is so easy to do and gives me such a Simple Pleasure each and every month.

what do I need:

  • HVS or white blank paper (By using ms.word I created 30 squares with measure each 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm. I cutted them (Actually July has 31 days, but I made it 30, sorry July).
  • coloured papers or papers with different patern: All I need is 7 types of the papers. Why 7? Because a week has 7 days.
  • Glue
  • Scrissor
  • Date Stamp (You can also write the dates with handwriting or use whatever you like).

The Pictures below show you how I created my own new blank monthly calendar for Yattaqi’s Scrapbook.

Monthly Calender11


Monthly Calender12

Monthly Calender01

Monthly Calender02

date stamp

Monthly Calender14


The monthly calendar is ready to fill.

Monthly Calender4

Every day has their own color.



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