My Recent Sweet November


sharing  various topics with all my whatsapp-groups-friends. The AMT and SFC are incridible, they’re booster. Alhamdulillah

eating my lovely fast food: fruit. Again…and again… yeay!

watching traveling and cooking videos.

loving blueberry bodyshop body butter and my new abaya from Labiba Abaya.

planning my December projects.

still searching  “Ayam Sambal Ijo”  & “Baklava” recipe, book about Dajjal and book about MPASI for my nephew: Sabiy.

enjoying “based on true story” books, “Hasan and Husein, the Untold Stories” and “I Survive this Cancer”

trying to stay away from coffee.

ordering another good book(s).

wanting the nike purple glasses.

drinking Kangen Water and watermelon juice.

working on my sister’s abayas.

preparing for project of abaya next month: design, fabric, schedule etc.

stretching daily home pilates.

writing lists of projects, the main topic of the books I’ve read and an article for BlogDetik Blog Contest

sleeping unbelievably random hours.

smiling every time I see Sabiy face and every time I read whatsapp messages

using more sticky-notes.

feeling sensitive but cool, I cannot even explain about this feel.

running with my old running shoes, they’re 5 years old.

spending time in front the screen, and I know it’s not good for my skinface.

Wishing a happy ending story and wishing you all the best.

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