This is My (recent) December


my decemberplanning how I spend my last & new year holiday in Bandung

reading history books: Hasan & Husein, 10 Sahabat yang Dijamin Masuk Surga and “Inilah Faktanya”

trying to stay away from coffee.

eating chocolateS (why does everyone cohesively give me chocololate? WHY?? It is tactic to screw my food combining program? haha)

baking more cakes, I’m so excited!!!

cooking new recipes

watching family movies

loving my new glasses

ordering another good book(s)

wanting the coolest journal book from magazine bonus. I love bonuses!!!

sketching abayas and dresses

sewing abayas and dresses

preparing stuff for my holiday in Bandung

sleeping unbelievably random hours, still….

loving to see Sabiy in his pj

using more and more sticky-notes.

finishing my sisters abayas and mom’s abaya.

feeling full in a good way.


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