Of all the pain got so much to gain

Kamu berubah… | (Berubah? Aku bukan power rangers…)
(Kalau begitu kamu power bank | oh please deh! )
Iya! Kamu berubah | Iya. Semua berubah.
Semuaaa? | Semua orang.
Semua orang apa? | Everybody changed
Ohiya | (Oh please… Semua orang berubah dan aku gak bisa diam saja melihat orang lain berubah, aku ingin berubah menjadi baik. Aku ingin menjadi diri sendiri yang lebih baik)
Good…. | ……

Wake up in the morning
And you realize, that your life is one big compromise
Feel like the world is passing you by
Never done all the things you wanted to try
You stuck in one place, got a pain in your face
You feel like there’s nothing, nowhere to go
You try and fight but you can’t let go
Of all the pain got so much to gain
From all your stressing out
Then you ask yourself , there’s got to be more than what I’m living for
Then ask your self, there’s got to be something else, something more…
Well, let the sun shine on your face
And don’t let your life go to waste
Now is the time, got to make up your mind


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