WOMEN and their Rights and Duties In ISLAM: HIJAB

WP_20150120_19_58_24_Pro (2) BUKU 2Hijab For Muslim Women

Muslims, men and women, must not neglect their Islamic duties because of the pressure of daily life. For women, a particular concern is a commitment to wearing the proper hijab. They must accept this duty, take pride in it, and be content with it. They must understand that they wear it to please their Lord, the Merciful. Its purpose is to preserve their chastity, so they should love it and treat it with respect, not despise it and treat it with contempt.

Te commitment of chaste women to the hijab, if they wear and care for it according the rules of the Shari’ah, is one of the most important ways to protect the community from the immorality and corruption that threatens our welfare in this life and the next.

A ferocious war is being waged against the hijab; there is no doubt that Muslim women with full commitment to wearing it are engaged in a form of jihad.

“Ultimately, there is little point in a woman caring for an employer’s material production at the expense of neglecting her own natural production -her children- and exposing them to unknown influences and dangers.”

WOMEN and their Rights and Duties In ISLAM
by Aljumuah Magazine staff writers


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